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Mercedes Esquer Llanes



With a long career of 27 years in professional baseball, the pitcher Sinaloa Mercedes Esquer-that this season of the LMB (Mexican League) acts as a couch and Pitcher of Las Tunas in San Luis, in his prolonged stay above the mound has shown consistency of winning the ball both Mexico and the United States. Mercedes Esquer Llanes born September 24, 1959 in San Sebastian, Guasave, Sinaloa, as all children had the good fortune to attend school and play sports in his spare time, but was at the age of 13, just at the end of primary education, he began to make a total incline baseball line. In his early days as a player played for the Batamote in the "League of Packaging", then signed him Mr. Barnabas War to play with his team in the League Leyva Solano "Montoya Saul" where did throw a no-hitter against Ruiz Cortinez in the year 1973. For that feat accomplished when he was barely 15 years old, a person named Mario Cota invited him to try out that would be held in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Receive The instructor who was in the try out Leo Rodriguez who was his teacher, and then joining him Jesus Baltier who was his manager in the Central League with the team "Henequeneros" in Ciudad Victoria
from 1976.

As dawns in his career, developing the professional circuit pitched a perfect game in 1976 against the team of Fresnillo, where Jesus was peer Manuel Lopez, who is currently a couch of Yaquis de Obregon, as well as also Leo Valenzuela, Mario Flores, Genaro Leon, Julian Camargo was his catcher in that memorable match, among others who were active with the same team.
Among the players from Fresnillo to the pride of San Sebastian gave them perfect game, militated Nelson Barrera (RIP), Dagoberto Román, David Villagomez, Alejandro Lopez, among others.

For his immeasurable work perfect game, Mercedes Esquer was uploaded to the Mexican League team Monterrey Sultans in the summer of 1977. The first major campaign was held in 1981 when he won 15 games in exchange for 7 defeats. He was again important figure in 1997 by scoring a whopping 13 wins to only 3 losses. With Yucatan Lions also made to have four terrific track season, the first was in 1988 with 14 wins 6 losses. The following summer, improved his statistics at the end of the year at 16-4. In 1991 he again put to the kitchen to get 15 wins for only three defeats. But for ratification as a top level pitcher, Mercedes Esquer relocated his name with golden letters in the record books, finishing with 18 wins by 4 losses with the same Yucatan Lions in the year 1992. Consider the Sinaloa pitcher has been Mérida, Yucatán, where fans and managers have been treated very well by his eight seasons he was there, explaining that maybe that good treatment was due to the magnificent performances he had with the team Yucatan with whom he won 99 games.
On his return to Monterrey Sultans, participated in two consecutive championships staying on track when going for third. In his 24 summers in the Mexican League teams Monterrey Sultans, Tigres of Mexico, Yucatan Lions, Broncos and Las Tunas Reynosa San Luis, Mercedes Esquer has accumulated 217 wins 127 losses.
Mercedes Esquer 3130.2 1206 212 138 543 28 202 998 3.46


In the Mexican League ball Pacific, San Sebastián Lefty has played with nine teams, while they Hermosillo, Navojoa, Tijuana, Mexicali, Los Mochis and Icesave. Mercedes Esquer began with the Orange of Hermosillo in the winter of 1978-79. With that leave team mark of 5 wins for 3 losses in three seasons. With numbers gave Navojoa 26 wins for 21 setbacks, with Tijuana scored 3 wins by 4 losses, in the year he played with Guaymas Ostioneros stay even with 6 wins 6 losses, with Icesave Algodoneros has achieved 17 wins for 18 losses , numbers and try to improve from one moment to another will be activated as a reliever without leaving their couch of pitching functions. Militating for Yaquis de Obregon left the mark of 16 victories for 13 defeats, with Mazatlan Deer 4 performance had won by 3 losses, with Los Mochis Sugarcane in two campaigns had figures of 19 wins and 7 losses with Eagles Mexicali, in his three seasons brokered 28 victories for 10 defeats.
The Icesave Algodoneros invite as couch of pitching in 2002 in command of Raul Cano, was performing work with Reynosa Broncos and the Algodoneros made him feel in your space.


In 44 seasons icy ball, the veteran pitcher 45 years old and 1.88 tall, has been the only one who has registered the pitching triple crown. This work was achieved with the Mexicali Eagles in the winter of 1988-89 in which he won 13 games for 3 missing, was the best in strikeouts with 110 chocolates and effectiveness surpassed everyone with an excellent 2.09. He had six shutouts to win the tie rod and also with José Peña. In his 24 seasons winter, carries the mark of 115 Sinaloa won by 85 lost, with 1,234 strikeouts and 2.95 in CLA.


By owning a line that ranged between 87 and 89 miles per hour, in the year of 1982 the Pittsburgh Pirates won a Mercedes with whom he released the games in the Grapefruit League, but finished the preseason games was returned to Mexican League for months after return to the United States with the portland triple "A" which certainly received desired opportunities.
Pittsburgh the following year and traded him to Toronto Blue Jays sent him to Knoxville to the Texas League "AA" which was having good performance, only a sore shoulder sent him to the operating room for three years to achieve a good recovery . For winning the pitching triple crown with Mexicali XXXX season, the Detroit Tigers in 1989 took him to training Count MLB did very well, but a few days to start the season in the American League, the manager Sparky Anderson, the roster sack by having excess pitchers. Mercedes Esquer consider that having been in training majors benefited him greatly in his baseball life since learned many secrets in the mechanics of pitching. In games of the Grapefruit League in Major League is proud to have thrown a Don Mttingly, Ruben Sierra, Dave Winfield, Gary Carter and many others as well as having pichado the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Mets New York, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers and also have faced the tremendous pitcher Tom Server. These are all very nice memories stored in your memory Lefty San Sebastian.
Mercedes Esquer explains that baseball has given him a very nice life as the pitching triple crown by adding the year they won the title with Mexicali Eagles in 1988-89, the monsters have thrown a major league in preseason games , Dominican Republic have beaten a game in the 1989 Caribbean Series in Mazatlan, and so many more things that make them look like a movie to feel the admiration and love he has professed people and that has made him feel very important but without neglecting humility and modesty should be with people, highlighting Mercedes Esquer that the media are part of the training of an athlete to make them known to the public and show them the right path with well-intentioned criticism. In 2003, he spent the winter pitching clinics provide free to the youth and children of Navojoa, one class being the most popular for amateur athletes dedicated to baseball.
With two sons, Luis Mercedes and Gabriela of 24 and 19 years old, Mercedes Esquer who lives with his wife Elia Casillas native of Puerto Vallarta, the Sinaloa lives happily in Navojoa Sonora, where they reside.
His brothers Armando, Tomas, Maria de Jesus and Delia, his Mamà Esther Tomas Llanes and his Dad (RIP), are very happy with the choice made, that of being a player. Mercedes Esquer encouraged children and young people to study first, because the race in the sport do not know when it will end, however college there are more options to succeed.

Hector Lopez Island, City Reporter Los Mochis Sinaloa.

The July 26, Mercedes Esquer say goodbye to the mound against the team that gave him his first opportunity: Monterrey Sultans.